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Support Team

The IDM and CIDRI-Africa have appointed dedicated Bioinformaticians to assist in data analysis. Ad hoc requests (i.e. < 8 hours required) will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with queries addressed either via email or alternatively during our open-door consulting hours.

Requests for support should be submitted by completing a services request form. If possible, please submit requests during the planning stages of your project – this will allow us to start developing data analysis pipelines tailored to your needs while you generate the data. IDM bioinformatics support will follow a collaborative model where our role would be scientific and not purely technical. Such collaboration should apply the ICMJE guidelines regarding authorship.

Bioinformatics support members:

Dr Katie Lennard
Affiliation: IDM primary Bioinformatician
Email address:
Open-door consulting hours: Wednesday morning between 9:30am and 1pm
Location: Room N1.06

Dr Jon Ambler
Affiliation: Bioinformatician at CIDRI-Africa
Email address:
Open-door consulting hours: Tuesday afternoon between 13:30 and 16:30
Location: Room N1.06.3