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The Computational Biology division is involved in a variety of research areas:

Prof Nicola Mulder's research interests include:

  • Understanding the pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis through comparative genomics and biological networks of the pathogen and host
  • Studying human genetic factors underlying disease susceptibility
  • Studying African population genetic diversity
  • Developing tools and resources to support high-throughput biology data analysis
  • Understanding the effect of the microbiome on immunity and disease

Assoc Prof Darren Martin's research is centred around:

  • Viral evolution focusing on the development of computational tools for analysing genetic recombination, phylogeography, and the biological relevance of nucleic acid secondary structures

Dr Natasha Wood's research involves:

  • Viral evolution and molecular dynamics simulations, with specific focus on HIV-1, to gain a better understanding of protein folding, transmission, infection, as well as immune escape and activation