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Publications 2015

  1. Chacha M. Issarow, Nicola Mulder, Robin Wood, "Modelling the risk of airborne infectious disease using exhaled air", Journal of Theoretical Biology 372 (2015) 100-106.
  2. Darren P. Martin, Ben Murrell, Michael Golden, Arjun Khoosal, and Brejnev Muhire, "RDP4: Detection and analysis of recombination patterns in virus genomes", Virus Evolution, (2015), 1(1): vev003. doi: 10.1093/ve/vev003.
  3. Simona Kraberger, Safaa G. Kumari , Abdelmagid A. Hamed , Bruno Gronenborn, John E. Thomas, Murray Sharman, Gordon W. Harkins, Brejnev M. Muhire, Darren P. Martin, Arvind Varsani, "Molecular diversity of Chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus in Sudan: High rates of intra-species recombination – a driving force in the emergence of new strains", Infection, Genetics and Evolution 29 (2015) 203–215.